What to Consider when Planning Your Ceremony at Morden Hall
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What to Consider when Planning Your Ceremony at Morden Hall

As the key element of your wedding day, it’s important to put careful thought and consideration in to your wedding ceremony, making sure it is a perfect reflection of the two of you. We hope these top tips will offer a little inspiration when planning your ‘I do’ moment at Morden Hall.

Your Vows

As the focus of your ceremony, spend some time thinking about what you might like to say to each other. Your registrar will be able to guide you through this process.

You might choose to stick with traditional vows or to add an element of personalisation. Whatever you decide, make sure you’re both happy with the choices and that you will feel comfortable saying your vows in front of your guests. It can be a good idea to practise a little beforehand although often these personal moments are best when they are not too rehearsed. After all, everyone loves some natural emotion!

Special Readings

Choosing your readings is a lovely task – an opportunity to read through poems and literary extracts until you find one or two that apply to your relationship. You’re likely to select two readings and ideally they should contrast each other. For example, one might be humorous while the other is romantic, or one could be a poem while the other is a quotation. Look online for inspiration and, in terms of practicality, make sure each reading is no more than a few minutes long.

All About Music

There is much to consider when planning the music for your ceremony in the Willow or Hawthorn Suite. Most couples will choose to play music as the bride walks down the aisle, while the newlyweds are signing the register and finally, as they walk back up the aisle together.

Decide what kind of atmosphere you would like to create – you might select something classical and romantic or opt for something lively and fun. And, of course, you need to consider whether or not you would like live music such as a string quartet or harpist.

The Order of Service

With a plan in mind for your vows, readings and music, it’s time to structure an order of service. Once again, this is something your registrar can help with, cleverly spacing out the readings and keeping the marriage itself as the central focus.

Important Roles

Some of your guests will play a special role in your wedding ceremony, from your bridesmaids following you down the aisle to the groomsmen showing guests to their seats and the best man standing beside the groom.

This is also a great opportunity for you to involve guests who aren’t taking on a traditional role. You might, for example, ask a good friend to read a poem or to sign the marriage certificate as a witness. When it comes to readings, be sure to ask guests who will enjoy the moment and will deliver the reading well.

Please be Seated

The seating plan for your ceremony is entirely up to you! Traditionally, the bride’s family and friends sit on the left (as you face the registrar) with the groom’s on the right. However, many contemporary couples choose to drop this tradition, inviting a welcome ‘blend’ of the two. It’s sensible and entirely acceptable to reserve the first two or three rows for your close family, the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Design and Décor

With everything in place, it’s time to consider the style and atmosphere you would like to create. Be inspired by the colours in the Hawthorn and Willow Suites and with the shades of your chosen blooms. Flowers are often the key decoration – you might adorn the aisle chairs with pretty blooms and add an arrangement or two to the registrar’s table. Focus your decorations where they will be seen and appreciated. If you plan to walk down the beautiful staircase at Morden Hall, it’s an idea to add some beautiful floral staircase arrangements.

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